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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Microsoft Community Alliance in Pune - Kanbay Software takes the first initiative.

User groups is a great way to have tech-discussions online as well as offline. PuneUserGroup has been active (I wouldn't say hyperactive...I am striving for that to happen though) for more than 2 years now.

There's a good deal of effort being made to get techies, technology and to-be techies together to discuss technology and thus effectively learn and share knowledge.

One such initiative to foster community spirit is the MS Community Alliance. Many a times, most corporate "janta" cannot attend the UG meets or MSDN session, simply because they are too busy during weekdays and weekends :P, or maybe the travelling time and distance kills the entire spirit.

The community alliance is an initiative, which allows corporates to form "on-campus" User group and community and drive the show there-on. Also it doesn't stop there, but goes beyond this, where in, once many such corporates form their own "on-campus" communities, they need to integrate and interact with other such communities and thus expand the horizon of knowledge sharing.

The first drive of this kind starts at Kanbay Software on 30th March 2005. The Microsoft technology group there has been taking a lot of initiative to get this going, and I am absolutely thrilled to see it happening for two reasons :)

  • This is the first initiative of its kind in Pune.
  • I am an ex-kanbayite! :D

On 30th March 2005 (Wednesday) I shall be speaking on:

1. Community objectives

2. OO Features in .NET Framework 2.0 (C#)

I shall return to this space with more inputs very very sooon....